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We Occupy/ We Dis-cover

November 13, 2021  
ASU Art Museum | Tempe    


In response to and part of the  Undoing Time: Art and  Histories of Incarceration  exhibition, a group of  community justice scholars, artists, and ASU graduate students are taking over the museum to unseat,  dis-locate, and de-center notions of safety, imprisonment, and control. Welcome to this day of interventions,  conversations, and performances. Our hope is that after engaging in this transformative community work  focused on mass incarceration, you will leave with full hearts and minds. These group members are  participants in  Art and Justice  (ARA 591), an ASU  School of Art course co-taught by associate professor  Gregory Sale and senior curator Julio César Morales. Their work for this event and in this course is  supported by the  Future IDs Art and Justice Leadership  Cohort  through a grant from ASU Institute for  Humanities Research. 

(But) We Are SEEDS 

Alicia Rojas  , Yvette Serrano, Miguel Monzón, Bria  Thompson and Jared Peterson 

Durational performance and installation 
Location: ASU Art Museum | Tempe

(But) We Are SEEDS  honors those that have lost their lives in ICE detention (2003-2021). The installation is inspired by a Dia De Los Muertos altar, which commemorates seven children who died in ICE custody. In a durational performance, the names of adults that similarly lost their lives in custody will be penned on the pillars that visitors will pass as they walk into the museum, leading up to the phrase, “They tried to bury us,  but they didn’t know we are seeds.” The visitors were gifted semilla packets to encourage them to continue to honor these lost lives after leaving the exhibition. 

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