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The Orange County Justice Fund Support Hive 

Nov - 2021
Orange County, CA

(Fundraiser performance for OCJF)

This performance and artwork are inspired by my family's personal experience of immigration detention during the Trump Administration.

The Orange County Justice Fund Support Hive, is an installation video and collector art piece inspired by the feeling of empowerment.

The power of collective action. Focusing on the light during the darkness helped my brother and family get through what seemed to be an unbearable and impossible journey.

The synchronicities between the bees, their dancing patterns, and pollination serve as an example of purpose through collective work. Bees are a beautiful example of collective purpose, each one of them supports their hive in different ways, they teach us to see beyond our own transcendence. Through collective action we too can affect change and support individuals and their families during traumatic times of ICE detention. We must always remember that when we all come together we can make a real difference for a family going through separation and trauma due to immigration detention.


All proceeds were donated to the Orange County Justice Fund

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